3 Things to Share with an Aging Parent During National Elder Law Month



May is National Elder Law Month and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Since 1963, the month of May has been devoted to seniors and their unique needs thanks to an official presidential proclamation. Elder law attorneys have embraced the annual tradition and are dedicated to helping seniors better understand their rights, concerns and legal options. 

Accordingly, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys and other groups have organized special living days, public seminars, Elder Law clinics, and many other activities to bring seniors, their families and their legal communities together all for the purpose of serving elder Americans. Let us share with you three of the most important areas where elder law attorneys can be of service.

1. Estate Planning. Elder law attorneys are the premier resource for seniors and their families when it comes to estate planning. Typically, this involves drafting or updating wills or trusts in order to safely pass on a senior adult’s assets to their loved ones after they die. Estate planning, however, also involves lifetime planning with durable powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, beneficiary designations, and much more.

2. Long-Term Care Planning. Long-term care planning involves preparing for a variety of services that can support seniors both medically and non-medically once they need assistance for basic daily living. Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are two such examples, and many families may already be dealing with long-term care concerns. In any case, elder law attorneys can help maximize available options and resources to best provide for senior loved ones.

3. Elder Rights Advocacy. Unfortunately, seniors are often victims of various forms of abuse and elder adults with disabilities, such as dementia, are even more vulnerable according to the National Institute on Aging. Ensuring a senior is safe from physical and emotional harm, neglect and financial predation is an utmost priority. The elder law community takes senior safety extremely seriously and is perhaps the most potent force available for asserting seniors’ rights. Consider learning and sharing more about senior rights this May.

We know you may have questions. If you or someone you know would like more information about National Elder Law Month, or guidance about issues impacting a senior loved one, do not wait to contact our law firm.