Life Care Planning in Fort Myers, FL

Anyone at any age can face medical problems that require long-term care. Sometimes a person’s needs can be met by bringing caregivers into their home. In other cases, the only safe option is placement in an assisted living facility or nursing home. Since navigating the health care system on your own can be challenging even in the best of times, it can be downright overwhelming during a health crisis. From making sure your estate planning documents are ready to work for you, to helping you connect with local providers that meet your needs, we are part of the process. At Beth A. Prather, P. A., we have incorporated a Life Care Coordinator (LCC) to act as a concierge of sorts in offering guidance to clients about care-related issues. This service emphasizes our commitment to clients and their families that we are with them each step of the way.

What is a Life Care Coordinator?

When we have a client with a long-term care diagnosis, we need a plan of action for them and their family. At Beth A. Prather, P. A. a Life Care Coordinator (LCC) is a big part of that plan. The LCC assists in developing the steps to take to support the person with the diagnosis, as well as that person’s caregiver, both now and in the future. With their insider knowledge of providers in our community, an LCC can help with discharge planning, finding a bed at a good facility, and making referrals. They attend care plan meetings as well and help identify problems and possible solutions. Our LCC also makes it a priority to help educate clients and their family on best practices for elder care and what to look for in providers and facilities.

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Our goal at Beth A. Prather, P. A. is to help clients remain in their home for as long as they can safely and financially afford to do so. We love it when clients have long term care insurance benefits to help pay for care. It gives a client more options when it comes to choosing a provider and determining where to receive care. If you are too sick to qualify for long-term care insurance or simply can’t afford it, this does not mean you are without options. At Beth A. Prather, P. A., we have years of experience helping clients explore public benefits programs such as Medicaid as a possible solution.