Life Care Planning for Naples, FL

For those with chronic illness or disability, finding a long-term care provider can be a great solution. However, in-home care or residency in a facility can quickly put a financial strain on family members. Beth A. Prather, P. A. works across the Naples area specializing in advising and acting in elder law. With our guidance, you can find a way to help your family stay intact while providing the best care to sick loved ones.

Life Care Coordinator (LCC) Services

Beth A. Prather, P. A. will connect you to a Life Care Coordinator (LCC) who can help you find the right facility, write referrals and monitor the quality of care your loved one gets. With a developed action plan and experience in the field, an LCC can point out flaws in your current plan and offer solutions to improve your loved one’s situation.

Your loved one deserves a high quality of life, no matter what their condition may be. For the right results, every aspect of elder care must be organized and defined properly. Whether your family member has an in-home nurse or lives in a residential facility, we want to make sure every person is receiving appropriate care.

Any Questions?

Organizing long-term care for your loved ones can be difficult. However, aging is a natural part of life and assistance becomes necessary sometimes. We want to help families understand the impact this change may have on financial resources, health, and housing situations. If you are seeking legal representation or have questions about Life Care Planning, contact Beth A. Prather, P. A. at 239-208-3050 or fill out our online form.