Medicaid Eligibility

The state of Florida has several Medicaid programs to help individuals who reside at home, in an assisted living or a nursing home.

Applicants must meet certain criteria – both medical and financial – to receive benefits.

Every person’s needs are different, and knowing which benefits one is eligible for is key to ensuring assets are not depleted to pay for long-term care.

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Qualifications during and after Application Process

Important Florida Medicaid Facts:

  • Medicaid applicant available asset limit in 2017 is $2,000.
  • Medicaid applicant gross income limit in 2017 is $2,205.
  • Community spouse available asset limit in 2017 is $120,900.
  • Assets below the Medicaid limit one day in the month of application.
Medicaid ApplicantAsset LimitIncome Limit
During applicationUnder $2,000Under $2,205
After approval;Under $2,000Under $2,205
Community SpouseAsset LimitIncome Limit
During applicationUnder $120,900No Limit
After approvalNo LimitNo Limit