Tips for Managing Your Health During Heart Disease and Cancer Prevention Month


Did you know February is American Heart Month and Cancer Prevention Month? Every year, health care professionals, advocacy organizations, and the legal community join countless individuals and families across the country to raise awareness about heart disease and cancer, and facilitate needed support. For good reason too.  Heart disease is the leading cause of death… Read more »

Family Caregivers Can Get Paid for Providing Care


Caregiving can take many forms, but the bulk of it is not performed by doctors, hospitals or health care professionals.  Instead, it is provided by compassionate family members. Whether disabled veterans, children with special needs, elder adults or other dependent loved ones, family caregivers provide an enormous social safety net. They provide this help, often… Read more »

Why You Need to Talk to Your Aging Parents About Their Estate Plan


There comes a time when you will need to be certain that your parents’ estate plan is current and no revisions are necessary. This event may arise because one or both of your parents have recently sustained a major illness that has or could become life-threatening. Hopefully, you have communicated with your parents to understand… Read more »