Questions to Ask a Loved One in a Nursing Home Over the Phone


Do you have a loved one that has been isolated in a nursing home during the Covid-19 pandemic? If so, you may primarily keep in touch with them by talking on the phone, rather than being able to spend time together face-to-face. Let us take a look at several questions you can ask your loved one in a nursing home over the phone in order to engage them and see if he or she is comfortable until you can visit them in person one day soon.

1. What Activities are Available? Even if the nursing home is not permitting outside visitors except under specific circumstances, residents should be able to participate in activities with masks and social distancing, especially as vaccination rates increase. Your loved one can tell you about any activities or events he or she participates in. If there are no activities to report, it should be a  heads up for you to call the nursing home director and ask about when these will start again.

2. Is Your Loved One Being Cared For? Many nursing homes are experiencing a shortage of qualified staff due to the pandemic. Ask your loved one about who he or she sees each day when you speak on the phone. If there are not many aides coming to help with daily tasks or just to check in, make sure to call the nursing home to ask whether there is an appropriate number of staff members available to residents, and if there is a shortage, what is being done to make sure all residents are getting the attention they need.

3. What Can You Do for Them? Your loved one may just want to hear your voice to feel assured that things are okay. Still, it can be important to ask if there is anything you can do for them. Maybe sending a care package with some favorite treats in advance of a holiday would be a good pick-me-up. Alternatively, maybe you should consider arranging a FaceTime session with their grandchildren. Whatever it is, ask about it during your next phone call. The answer may surprise you!

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