What is Medicaid?

Medicaid trust planning in Fort Myers, FL prepares you for the future.

Medicaid is a public benefits program that is funded with both federal and state dollars. There are similarities in Medicaid programs across state lines, but each state has specific programs and rules that differ from their neighbors. This makes it important to speak to a local elder law attorney who knows Florida Medicaid law if you have questions about benefits for yourself or a loved one in Fort Myers.

What long-term care benefits does Medicaid cover?

The logistics of long-term care become more and more tangible as you, your spouse or elderly loved ones age. The price of long-term care at a nursing home, assisted or independent living facility, or care in your own home can build quickly, leaving many Fort Meyers area families in a tight financial situation. Florida Medicaid provides long-term care benefits that can be helpful, but the eligibility rules and application process are complex and difficult to navigate without a Medicaid planning attorney. With a legal consultation from Medicaid attorney like those at Beth A. Prather, P.A., you can explore program options and learn how to get the help you need.

Medicaid Eligibility in Ft. Meyers

The Medicaid lawyer at Beth A. Prather, P.A. provides a range of legal services for seniors and their families with long-term care concerns. Our goal is to help seniors live independently for as long as it is safe and economical to do so. Our experienced staff works with you throughout the Medicaid application process once you decide to seek financial aid.

Important Florida Medicaid Facts:

    • 2017 Medicaid applicant non-exempt asset limit is $2,000.
    • 2017 Medicaid applicant gross income limit is $2,205
    • 2017 Community spouse non-exempt asset limit is $120,900.

Assets below the Medicaid limit one day in the month of application.

Navigating the Florida Medicaid System

Fortunately, seniors in Fort Myers have access to a handful of Medicaid programs that provide help when it comes to long-term care. Benefits can be provided to residents living at home, independent living facilities, day cares, assisted living facilities, or nursing homes. The right Medicaid program for you or your loved one varies on the care required and a person’s financial circumstances. However, the most affordable and least restrictive care options also get the least funding. With Medicaid trust planning through an elder law attorney, you can determine which program best fits your family’s needs.

Throughout the U.S. and Florida, Medicaid applicants must match strict medical and financial qualifications to receive Medicaid benefits. The Medicaid attorney of Beth A. Prather, P.A. will show you how to explore your options and prepare for the application process with a personalized consultation.

If you are searching for legal representation or have questions about Medicaid planning or Medicaid lawyers, contact Beth A. Prather, P.A. at 239-208-3050 or fill out our online form.