Tailoring Your Legal Documents to Meet Your Specific Needs and Requests

When you have a will, you help ensure that your goals and wishes are followed with respect to the distribution of your assets after your death and the appointment of the person you want in charge of your estate. Not having a will means Florida law makes these decisions for you.  This could result in an unwanted person managing and inheriting your estate.

Another estate planning option to consider is the use of a Revocable Living Trust. This estate planning tool can help avoid probate at your death and is extremely helpful for clients who own multiple pieces of real estate, particularly real estate in different states.

The attorneys at Beth A. Prather, P. A. can help determine which estate planning tool is right for you. If you are seeking legal representation or have questions about setting up a will or trust, contact Beth A. Prather, P. A. at 239-208-3050 or fill out our online form.