7 Tips for Encouraging Dad to Get the Help He Needs


Have you considered the fact that Father’s Day may be the perfect time to encourage your dad to get the help he needs? Helping your dad take care of himself can be one of the best gifts you can give him. This may be especially true if he has recently been widowed or otherwise does not have a partner anymore. Let us review 7 tips for encouraging Dad to get the help he needs, now and throughout the rest of the year.

1. Start a Conversation. The first thing to do with Dad on Father’s Day or around Father’s Day may be to start a conversation about how he is doing, and if there is anything he wants you to help with in the coming weeks or months. Maybe he has thought about writing his will but is not sure where to start. He may need to seek medical advice on an issue he has not mentioned to you lately.

2. Help Put Bills on Autopay. A great way to help Dad right now may be to streamline his life at home. Help out by putting his bills on autopay so he does not need to remember to pay them. 

3. Set Up Some Technology. If Dad is missing his grandkids, set up FaceTime and teach him how to use it so he can connect with them frequently, even if they do not live nearby.

4. Find a Senior Center. Some folks who may not be used to being alone can be unsure of how to find new companions and friends to fill their days. Encourage Dad to look into activities at a local senior center.

5. Inquire About Home Health Aides. You may want to consider starting the process of looking for in-home help in your area, depending on the developing needs of your dad. If Dad is in good shape, he may just need someone to help with grocery shopping or housekeeping each week. If he starts to need assistance with daily activities or any health issues, help him by looking into a personal care assistant or home health aide. 

6. Plan For the Long Term. Ask Dad if he has a long-term care policy or other plans for care that he may need as he gets older. Find out what the policy covers or look into additional options.

7. Meet With an Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney. Take some time to help Dad interview local elder law and estate planning attorneys. If he does not have an elder law plan or an estate plan already, now is the time to get going.

Our office is here to support you and your father as you plan for the future. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.