Be Prepared This Hurricane Season


Hurricane Season is upon us, having officially begun June 1, 2017.  The six-month season runs through November, and unfortunately has been forecast to be more active this year than the historical average.  The nature of hurricanes and their path of impact is generally hard to predict, so the best course of action is to be prepared!  If you or a loved one have medical needs that require electricity, such as oxygen dependence, nebulizers, ventilators, etc., we encourage you to submit an application to the Lee County Special Needs Program.  The program provides shelter to those that may not be safe in their home during a Tropical Storm or Hurricane, and may offer transportation too.  You can pre-register for a Special Needs Shelter by following the link provided below:

Lee County Special Needs Shelter

It is also important to be prepared at home for a storm.  You should keep your important documents in a portable, water-proof container throughout hurricane season.  These can include your passport and social security card, a record of your bank and credit account numbers, an inventory of valuables in your home, copies of your deeds and insurance policies, etc.  A helpful list of basic and medical needs for a disaster supply kit can be found here.

Though a shelter will provide food and water, you should bring your own supply with you. Also take personal hygiene items, bedding, a change of clothes, and any prescription medications you need.  Remember that banks may close, and if there is no power an ATM may be inaccessible, so keep cash on hand.

Make sure to keep informed of the weather and any storm warnings in your area.  You should also have a Hurricane Preparedness Plan in place this season to ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.