Saying Thank You to a Caregiver is Always in Season



Caregivers selflessly give much of their time and energy on a daily basis to caring for your loved one, without asking for much in return. This holiday season, we encourage you to take some time to say “thank you” to the caregiver in your and your loved ones lives. We know that it can sometimes be challenging to think of unique and creative ways to show your thanks, so we wanted to share with you five ideas to get you started.

  1. Take over some caregiver responsibilities.

Sometimes the responsibilities of a caregiver can be overwhelming. Offer to give him or her the day off to take some time for themselves, or assume responsibility for a few roles, such as cooking meals, tidying up the house, or just sitting with your loved one for a few hours. Alternatively, there are respite care options available that allow everyone to take a short break. Your loved one will remain well-taken care of, and your caregiver has the opportunity to relax for a few hours or days.

  1. Write a handwritten note.

With the advancement of technology, messages are sent at the touch of a button. This makes it more meaningful when you take the time to craft a handwritten note or letter. The fact that you are able to spend some time reflecting on how much the caregiver means to you and expressing your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude will make a strong impact on your caregiver.

  1. Bring them a small gift.

Gifts do not have to be expensive to be meaningful. Simply bringing the caregiver his or her favorite coffee from Starbucks or some flowers can let him or her know you are thinking of them. You could also purchase a gift card to a nearby salon or spa and encourage him or her to spend a few hours rejuvenating — caregivers need care sometimes too.

  1. Offer to help them decorate their home for the holidays.

With so much of their time spent caring for your loved one, it can be difficult for the caregiver to find the time to perform time-consuming tasks, such as decorating their family home for the holidays. Offer a helping hand to put up home decor, lights, or even rearrange some furniture to give them space for decorations.

  1. Make a donation to their favorite charitable organization.

If you know your caregiver’s favorite charity, make a small or large donation in his or her name. Another option, if you would prefer to surprise him or her, is to consider taking part in “The Thanks Project.” This project is sponsored by the AARP and allows people to post messages of thanks to caregivers on their website.  

The holiday season is a great time to show thanks, but it is important that you show your caregiver appreciation all throughout the year, too. Do not hesitate to contact our office to share your ideas with us. We are the estate planning attorneys here to support you, your loved ones, and your caregiver.