7 Tips for Helping Seniors Avoid Isolation During COVID-19 and Beyond


Have you been wondering how best to help your aging parent or other senior loved ones avoid isolation during the Coronavirus pandemic? While it can be tough to be limited in your ability to visit in person, there may be many ways to maintain connection to your loved ones and encourage them to remain connected with the outside world. Even when the pandemic has passed, you can use these strategies to avoid the isolation that often occurs with increasing age.

1. FaceTime. This may be the new standard for staying in touch. Try to FaceTime with your loved one so that instead of just hearing each other’s voices, you can see each other’s faces.

2. Include Kids. Your loved ones may enjoy hearing from you, but it can be even more joyful for them to see and talk to your kids, whether they are the grandchildren, niece or nephew, or just the children of good friends. 

3. Find a Penpal. Ask your child if they would like to be pen pals and learn a little about the “old-fashioned” art of postcard writing. Your senior loved one may enjoy receiving mail from your little one, and your child will benefit as well.

4. Sign Up for a Subscription. Find out what your loved one’s favorite magazine is and sign him or her up for an annual subscription, so he or she can read and stay up to date.

5. Work Together on a Project. Are you interested in learning more about your family history or a subject that your loved one knows a lot about? Commit to working on a project with your loved one that involves regular communication. It will keep both of your minds sharp and make your loved one feel good to be needed.

6. Let Your Loved One Teach You. Keep your loved one on the phone as you cook a meal together from a recipe that he or she has always loved. Let him or her be your guide and enjoy eating together on FaceTime when you are finished.

7. Plan a Visit. Even if you cannot visit your loved ones due to local restrictions or difficulties at their place of residence, talk about what you will do when you can visit later this year.

For more ways to help support your senior loved ones, our office is happy to assist. Please contact us to schedule a meeting time.